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"If you are in the right places with the right faces you will listen to the right voices and make the right choices."

-Ed Ainsworth



We get thousands of letters, emails and messages from students.  Good and bad, through both we realize that Students are being confronted with their issues of life. 

Dear Mr. Ed

hey my name is xxxxxx (we leave the names out to protect the guilty), i was the kid from Denmark High who came up to you in the hall and shook your hand.. the pretty tall kid.. lol but i just wanted to thank you in that, yes i have had sex.. ill admit it, but i can assure you that after your presentation i will not.. see my story isn't that bad in that well since i've moved from new york to denmark last year i lost my virginity to a girl in i wanna say may and i moved here in feb. of last year.. so it happened here.. i had sex with that girl maybe 3 times.. but we always used a condom.. we broke up a while ago and im now seein this one girl who yes.. we had sex.. and i was her first.. and we have done it i know 3 times.. but after your presentation i texted even though we aren't supposed to text in school and told her i didn't want to have sex anymore and she said ok.. and i'm gonna explain more to her this weekend when i see her.. but you are right.. see i really do love this girl.. i know because i haven't felt like this bout anyone.. and we live 40 mins. away so we are makin it work but its hard. but i say this cause like we are already kinda talkin bout marriage.. but no worries.. not gonna happen at least till i serve my 4 years in the Marine Corps so yea but i told her that i didn't want to have sex anymore cause i wanna start over... i wasn't thinking about the end at the beginning.. lol i think thats how it goes.. but no for real, we are gonna stay abstinent till marriage if it happens.. if not oh well.. but thank you very much!

The above letter has been left in it's original form except for the identity.

This next letter is infamous!  One of our favorites for sure.

Mr. Sex dude,

We listened to your assembly and we thought it was interesting that you said only 10% of your marriage consisted of sex.  Well, we did the math and figured that if that was true, you spend 3.3 hours a day having sex. YOU'RE MY HERO!

365 days x 24 hours + 4 hours = 8764 hours in one year

8764 hours/ 365= 2.4 hours per day

But since you are away 100 day in a year:

8764 hours/ 265= 3.3 hours of sex per day.

Love, Bill Hurst

I was trying to make the point that love and sex are not the same thing and my statement was "Less than 10% of my marriage has anything to do with sex yet I am more in love with my wife than the day I married her".  This letter has caused me to rethink my statement.  "Less than 1% of my marriage has anything to do with sex and I am more in love with her today than ever"!   Students are great!




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